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Medical Billing and Coding Description

A closer look at the field and profession
The very important profession is the backbone of the medical field. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, there will be a greater demand for medical coders. Medical billing and coding is a promising profession for those interested in working in the medical field.

Medical Billing and Coding Description

Every time a patient has a medical exam or procedure performed, the information has to be entered for in a system for insurance purposes. The bill for services provided is submitted with coding to the insurance company in order to seek reimbursement. Claims are handled using many codes that represent medications, symptoms and diagnoses.

What’s required to have a career as medical biller and coder?

There is no formal requirement for entering the field. If a person plans on being successful in the field, one should consider getting training at a local community college and obtaining an associate’s degree or certificate. Certificate programs take between 9 and 12 months long to complete. Coursework required includes biology, medical terminology, computer database management, insurance, computer science and chemistry will be required. Most employers prefer candidates who have obtained the requisite training. The program selected should be accredited nationally.

medical billing and coding image 1What’s it like working in the field of medical coding?

This profession requires working in clinics, private practices, hospitals and other types of facilities. Many professionals are able to work from home independently on a contractual basis. Some facilities remain open around the clock, allowing the medical biller to work flexible, convenient hours or overtime if desired.

How much money does a person make doing hospital billing /coding?

The typical person entering the medical billing and coding profession averages $16 per hour. The median salary for medical billing and coding professionals is $34,000. The middle 50 percent of workers in the field earn anywhere between $30,000 and $37,000. The compensation package for the professional is $51,000. Medical billers and coders in the Pacific region earn the most, followed by medical billers in New England and the south. Experience, education and geographic location all affect how much a person earns.

There are a lot of opportunities for this ever growing field, making it attractive to those interested in entering the medical field. The opportunities to work flexible schedules and work remotely are potential advantages to pursuing this profession. With the right training, anyone can begin their career in this field.

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