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How To Become A PA: Our Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide

How to Become a PA

When you think about a career in the medical field, like most people, you probably think about the job of a medical doctor or registered nurse.

But there are hundreds of other career paths that you can take within the healthcare industry that do not require spending 8 to 10 years in medical school.

If you are looking for a reliable career with a promising job outlook that you won’t have to dedicate so much time to training, you should consider a job as a PA or Physician Assistant.

How To Become A PA: First Learn More About The Role Of A Physician Assistant

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A PA, also known as a Physician Assistant or Medical Assistant, is an individual who can diagnose illnesses, come up with effective treatment plans and prescribe medication to patients. They can serve as a patient’s health care provider under the supervision of a medical doctor.

PAs go through many hours of medical training. They can provide patients with a high level of medical care and treatment thanks to the knowledge and training they have received over the years.

Physician assistants practice in every type of medical setting and specialty. They have helped improve access to quality healthcare by allowing patients to be seen even when a medical doctor is fully booked.

The role of a physician assistant is diverse and can vary greatly. They may meet with patients one day and then collaborate with other members of their medical team on the next. They may be heavily involved in a patient’s treatment plan, or step back to allow the medical doctor to have more involvement. They can also directly administer medication and prescribe medicine as needed.

PAs have a broad range of skills and keep many medical facilities moving on a strong and steady path. They receive a very reasonable salary and have the benefit of excellent job security. They have the opportunity to work with patients of all ages and from every walk of life.

If you think that you have what it takes to become a PA, keep reading to find out more about how to become a PA.

Step 1: Earn Your Four-Year Science Or Medical Degree

Step 2: Enroll In A Physician Assistant Program

Should You Consider An Online Physician Assistant Program?

Step 3: Become A Licensed Physician Assistant

Where To Sign Up For Excellent Online PA Programs

There are several online programs that allow you to train to be a quality physician assistant. Here are three that you should consider.

The University Of Kentucky

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The University of Kentucky is home to some of the finest medical degree programs around the country. They have a comprehensive online master’s degree program that is perfect for PAs. Throughout the course of the program, students will take courses such as Clinical Methods, Geriatric Medicine, and Integrative Care. They will also be required to complete two Master’s Projects. UK is an ARC-PA accredited school and the PANCE pass rate for the graduating class in 2015 was 96%.

A.T. Still University

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A.T. Still University was the first osteopathic medical school. This private institution offers a broad range of degrees online such as an Advanced Master of Science Physicians’ Assistant program that is ARC-PA accredited. This program takes just 26 months to complete. To apply you must have three letters of recommendation. These can be from health care practitioners, employers, and faculty members. The NCCPA pass rate for graduates of the 2016 PA program for A.T. Still University was 92%.

Drexel University

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Drexel University’s program is a post-professional degree program for PAs. This is for those who have already taken an ARC-PA accredited program. It is included here because Drexel University is one of the top online and on-campus schools for medical training and degrees. The program is ideal for practicing PAs who want to improve their skills and make their way up the ladder. Their master’s program requires you to have a 3.0 GPA and two letters of recommendation.

Are You Considering Becoming A PA?

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If you are wondering How to Become a PA and would like to learn more about this career choice, you should check out the statistics for Physician Assistants on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website. There you can find out more about the daily tasks of a PA, more about the education requirements, and what type of salary you can expect to make once you become a licensed PA.