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Entry Level Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Medical billing and coding jobs are currently some of the most sought-after, in-demand jobs on the market. What does it take to become a medical biller and coder and what kinds of jobs are available?

Training for Medical Coder and Billing

There are a several accredited schools, including ones online in which students can enroll to get certification or a degree in medical billing and coding. It is not uncommon for degrees to be attained in just nine to twelve months. Many of the classes that students in medical coding and billing take involve coding principles, medical terminology and HIPAA privacy laws. It is also important to learn how to understand various insurance plans and precisely calculate payments.

Entry Level Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Most careers for medical billing and coding start right after graduating with a degree from an accredited school. Entry level jobs can start at a variety of healthcare places including the local physician's office, hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, group practices, dental offices, surgery centers, home healthcare agencies, rehabilitation facilities or any other provider of medical services. Other places that hire medical coders and billers include insurance companies, third party billing companies and government agencies. One place they don't normally work is at home. It is important to be aware of the many companies who promote this as it is often a scam.

medical-billing-coding-entry-levelDuties of Medical Coders and Billers

Medical coders and billers work in the healthcare industry and are crucial in keeping the finances running smoothly. There is a difference between medical coding and billing. There can be coders or billers that work together but most employees who have gone to school for medical billing and coding can do both. Medical coders figure out which services were rendered by the provider. Then, by using a universal coding system, decide which codes are appropriate for those services. The medical biller takes these codes and puts them into the system in order to submit the claim to the insurance company for processing. The insurance company processes the claim according to which codes are being billed and then figures out how much they owe the provider and how much the patient owes for services rendered.

It is truly an exciting time for the field of medical coding and billing and as healthcare expands, positions in this field will continue to be in demand.

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