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day of health information technician

Leveling Up The Credentials: Where to Get Your RHIT Certification?

Working in healthcare administration entails requirements depending on your place of employment. Depending on your responsibilities, you might need no more than a high school diploma, while other places require graduate degrees. If you wish to become a Registered Health Information Technician, or RHIT, you’ll need to pass a specific exam. As a certified RIHT professional, […]

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Top Four-Week Online Course for Medical Coding and Billing

​Change is inevitable. The economy shifts, seemingly overnight, and as a result the needs of certain businesses may fluctuate. If you are worried about the future of your current career path, it may be time to look for something more apt to stand the test of time. A career in the medical field doesn’t have […]

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Online Medical Billing and Coding

In recent years, there are have several online and television ads encouraging people to become medical billers and coders. Some of these advertisements are from accredited schools, but others are not legitimate and lure people into spending money for self-study courses that may not be valid in the medical coding and billing profession. Individuals who […]

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Medical Billing and Coding Training Online

Medical Billing and Coding: A Career to be Proud Of In today’s economy, finding a stable and fulfilling career can seem nearly impossible. Many people with college degrees, especially those who have devoted their studies to the arts and humanities, are finding that there are little or no job opportunities available for experts in their […]

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Medical Billing and Coding Certification Online

Are you interested in becoming a certified medical biller and coder but aren’t sure if you have the time, you might consider distance learning. If one is choosing the many benefits society has gained from the Internet, one of the top benefits is the opportunity individuals have to get an education and earn a degree […]

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