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health care administration jobs

A complete list of health administration jobs

Do you like the idea of caring for people but not necessarily getting your hands dirty with bodily fluids? You can still help people in a number of different health administration jobs. You’ll directly interact with patients in various medical settings, whether you work in a hospital or a private office setting.Do you have a […]

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Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Jobs

If you’d like to be part of the healthcare industry without having daily patient contact, a career a medical insurance biller and coder might be the perfect fit for you. With electronic records becoming a regular part of the medical industries, the demand for qualified medical insurance billers and coders continues to grow. Continue reading […]

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Entry Level Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Medical billing and coding jobs are currently some of the most sought-after, in-demand jobs on the market. What does it take to become a medical biller and coder and what kinds of jobs are available? Training for Medical Coder and Billing There are a several accredited schools, including ones online in which students can enroll to […]

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Medical Billing and Coding Jobs from Home

Medical billing and coding specialists play an essential role in the efficient functioning of the healthcare system. Patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies all rely on coding to ensure that proper care is provided and correct payment is received. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical billing and coding sector has seen […]

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Medical Billing and Coding Job Description

Working in medical billing and coding often requires the ability to both communicate efficiently while also working quickly with various types of programs using computer technology. Keeping track of medical records, patient history, insurance information as well as any medications or equipment an individual is currently on is part of the daily responsibilities of a […]

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