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How to Become a PA

How To Become A PA: Our Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide

When you think about a career in the medical field, like most people, you probably think about the job of a medical doctor or registered nurse.But there are hundreds of other career paths that you can take within the healthcare industry that do not require spending 8 to 10 years in medical school.If you are […]

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medicare history

Medicare History – How An Alternative To Private Insurance Was Born

More than 56.8 million Americans use Medicare today.While the Medicare you know today runs like a well-oiled machine, it had a rocky start.Medicare is the nation’s health insurance program, and it now has over 50 years under its belt – giving it time to mature and turn into a health care program that helps the […]

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Best Places to Look for Entry-Level Public Health Jobs

Best Places To Look For Entry Level Public Health Jobs

You know that you want an exciting, rewarding career. You also know that your inspirations are taking you toward medicine and health. Pinpointing which career you want from there becomes difficult. You want to explore the area of public health and then decide where to go next, which means you need an entry-level position with […]

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history of medicaid

The History Of Medicaid: Learn Everything There Is On This Program

With so many federally funded programs available, it can be difficult keeping up with them all and understanding what each of them are. Medicaid is one of the most widely recognized government programs, but there are still many people who don’t know much about it or how it got started. Medicaid was created back in 1965 […]

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