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health care administration jobs

A complete list of health administration jobs

Do you like the idea of caring for people but not necessarily getting your hands dirty with bodily fluids? You can still help people in a number of different health administration jobs. You’ll directly interact with patients in various medical settings, whether you work in a hospital or a private office setting.Do you have a […]

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day of health information technician

Leveling Up The Credentials: Where to Get Your RHIT Certification?

Working in healthcare administration entails requirements depending on your place of employment. Depending on your responsibilities, you might need no more than a high school diploma, while other places require graduate degrees. If you wish to become a Registered Health Information Technician, or RHIT, you’ll need to pass a specific exam. As a certified RIHT professional, […]

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woman studying

Top Four-Week Online Course for Medical Coding and Billing

​Change is inevitable. The economy shifts, seemingly overnight, and as a result the needs of certain businesses may fluctuate. If you are worried about the future of your current career path, it may be time to look for something more apt to stand the test of time. A career in the medical field doesn’t have […]

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successful graduation

Top 10 Accredited Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Economists and healthcare professionals know what many others don’t. That is, jobs in the medical field are projected to increase by more than 15 percent over the next decade. If you are looking for a rewarding and lucrative career, working in a physician’s office, hospital or medical center may be right for you. In this […]

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Stethoscope on laptop keyboard

Exploring The Intricacies Of Current Procedural Terminology

Every day in the United States, doctors and other health professionals diagnose and treat the illnesses of their patients. To promote accurate billing and accountability in the healthcare field, various health workers and medical coding specialists assign Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to each surgical procedure, treatment or medication recommended for patients. CPT helps those […]

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Stethoscope on medical billing statement on table

How To Pass the CPC Certification For the First Time With Flying Colors

Pursuing a career in medical billing and coding is a smart decision for many individuals. After all, the healthcare industry is growing exponentially. Even better, medical billing and coding specialists earn a comparatively high salary for exciting work. Of course, before you can begin work as a medical biller or coder, you likely must earn […]

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ã health care professional with stethoscope

Top Accredited Medical Billing and Coding Schools Online With Financial Aid

When most people flash their insurance cards upon receiving health care, they assume it works something like a credit card—the amount of services is put on the card and the insurance company pays it when it seems that there’s a balance. If only it were that simple.  A lot goes into medical billing and ensuring […]

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medical bills

Medical Billing and Coding Salary by State – Most Recent Updates

Few things are more life-zapping than showing up every day to a dead-end job you hate. If you are stuck in a dead-end role, you may be worried about wasting your professional talents. You may also spend most of your time daydreaming about the weekend. Because you spend most of your life at work, your […]

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Medical Billing and Coding Courses

If you have ever thought about the great value of becoming a medical biller or coder, you should know that the first step to success is getting an education. By learning more about schools that offer certification classes, training programs, and degrees, you will gain the knowledge necessary to excel in your field. To learn […]

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Top Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Sacramento | TX Certification

Sacramento residents who have decided that the pursuit of a career in medical billing and coding is the right path for them should note that attaining a high quality education is the first step towards success. To get started, you must first find schools that offer high quality training programs, classes, degrees, and the certification […]

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