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Does Medicare Cover Cataract Surgery

The government provides seniors with the Medicare program to help them afford growing medical costs as they age. However, there are many medical treatments that this insurance does not cover. Generally, coverage does not include vision care, but does Medicare cover cataract surgery? Cataracts are a serious vision issue that can severely impact your life […]

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Public Health Nurse: What Do They Do And How To Become One

Have you been wanting to start a career in the medical field, but not sure which type of nursing position would be best for you? A public health nurse has a wide range of duties, and this career comes with many excellent benefits.In 1893, a woman named Lillian Wald created the term “public health nursing.” […]

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What Is The Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) In Medical Coding?

Medical billing and coding experts work with tens of thousands of codes in their profession.To make it easier to remember frequently used codes and simplify the process overall, they will place these codes into different categories which helps with organization and to speed up the completion of daily tasks.These categories or groups are known as […]

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How to Become a PA

How To Become A PA: Our Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide

When you think about a career in the medical field, like most people, you probably think about the job of a medical doctor or registered nurse.But there are hundreds of other career paths that you can take within the healthcare industry that do not require spending 8 to 10 years in medical school.If you are […]

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medical terminology

Are There Free Medical Terminology Course – And Are They Worth It?

Nephrosis, dermatitis, kidney, and tracheotomy are just some of the medical terms you encounter in a career in medical billing and coding.The array of medical terminology you are exposed to daily is daunting – and some of these terms sound like they couldn’t possibly be true.Despite how overwhelmed you might feel, knowing medical terminology and […]

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medical transcriptionist

Want to Start a Medical Transcriptionist Career? Read This

Medical transcriptionists (MTs) play an important role in the healthcare industry ensuring that patient records are legible and easy to understand.If you have a knack for paying close attention to detail and consider yourself a self-starter, you might be able to make a decent living while working from the comfort of your own home as […]

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medicare history

Medicare History – How An Alternative To Private Insurance Was Born

More than 56.8 million Americans use Medicare today.While the Medicare you know today runs like a well-oiled machine, it had a rocky start.Medicare is the nation’s health insurance program, and it now has over 50 years under its belt – giving it time to mature and turn into a health care program that helps the […]

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Best Places to Look for Entry-Level Public Health Jobs

Best Places To Look For Entry Level Public Health Jobs

You know that you want an exciting, rewarding career. You also know that your inspirations are taking you toward medicine and health. Pinpointing which career you want from there becomes difficult. You want to explore the area of public health and then decide where to go next, which means you need an entry-level position with […]

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registered health information technician

Top Responsibilities Of A Registered Health Information Technician

A registered health information technician or RHIT has a very important role to play in the healthcare industry. It is their job to organize and manage health information data related to the patient including their medical records and their payment for healthcare services. It is their responsibility to maintain the quality, accuracy, accessibility, and the […]

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certified professional coder

What Does It Take To Become A Certified Professional Coder?

A medical coder is a valuable asset to any medical professional. Coders are the backbone of the billing department – after all, they are the source for billing insurance and private individuals. Becoming a coder takes some time, but if you go through the coursework, you can embark on an exciting new career opportunity with a promising […]

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